Excruciating breakups: A new occasion to contentment

An ideal life with cherishing moments fade away and wither all of a sudden when a person has to endure an excruciating breakup that shatters away all the sparks of ecstasy hence leading to infinite tears rolling out of a person’s eyes with loss of sensitivity to life. Heartbreaks not only erase glimmer of content from a person’s life but also results in a long-term depressive state of mind and soul. Even the most optimistic person (whether a teenager or a mature adult) takes a departure from his or her jovial life and ends up weeping and suffering tenderness.

I too went through a breakup when I was a teenager. It was my first breakup. Though I possessed a very affirmative opinion towards my life, this breakup was one that shattered not only my heart but also my explicit and cheerful life. I was in complete state of gloominess for an entire month. I prohibited myself from socializing, communicating with my peers, relatives as well as my parents and sat in a corner of a room, staring the foot of my bed the entire day and weeping endlessly. Most of the people mocked at my sullen behavior, but those people who had actual concern for me and loved me unconditionally, were anxious for me every single moment. When all the advises went unheard by my deaf ears they too joined hands in my despair.  When I saw them in a miserable state like mine I felt remorseful over hurting the ones who were bothered for me for a person who simply left me moaning alone and did not bother to discover even once whether I was well or not. I went up to each and every person, apologized to them and expressed gratitude for being there by my side when I needed a supporting shoulder to lay my head over and sob.

The love and affection I got from my loved ones along with their fruitful counsellings assisted me to gain back my cheerful personality and spread happiness in other people’s lives again with my humorous sarcasm and appealing smile. By and by, I was back and the moroseness of my past separation vanished away from my life forever. At that moment I realized that breakups are nothing but an opportunity to become sturdier and more exultant towards life. Breakup made me a better person than I was before.

It’s not easy to deal with breakups but once a person finally decides to break the wall that was built between pessimism and optimism, then the person not only gets back the real him or her but also gets the strength to overcome major sorrows of life in future. In order to get out of the worst memories offered by separation, it is important to weep as much as possible till all your unpleasant recollections of your love life flow away along with the tears. After sobbing to your heart’s content decide firmly to move on and keep yourself engaged in various activities in order to avoid those memories to return back. Remove your ex-beloved’s image not only from your belongings but also from your heart forever. If you find it inconvenient to deal with it alone, consult a counsellor or have a conversation with your dear ones.

Breakups give a person a new experience and hence it is necessary to deal with breakups with complete positive attitude and let new opportunities knock your door and fill immense mirth back in your life once again.

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