Kevin Missal

“Of all the things that can make you a good writer, nothing can beat an inspiration from a good book.”

-Kevin Missal

It is a proud moment for all the Indians when we witness our country soaring high in the field of literature. There are many Indian authors who have made an exquisite and remarkable difference with the launch of their books. Today, we’ve got the opportunity to know more about Mr. Kevin Missal, the author of ‘Karma.’

Interview Session With Kevin Missal

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Question: Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

Answer: My name is Kevin Solomon Missal. I am a graduate of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. I have been writing since the age of twelve and at fourteen, I published my first book. I have been accustomed to army background as well as service background. I am twenty-one years and I have written almost five books now.

Question: What are your ambitions for your writing career?

Answer: Just want to be a popular writer who everyone really likes to talk about.

Question: What inspired you to write the book ‘Karma’?

Answer: I think it just interested me, the concept of “rakshas” and how they are born out of the bad deeds that we perform in our past life.

Question: What challenges did you face while penning down this book?

Answer: I was just not motivated enough. I felt it was boring and yet somehow I was wrong. People love it.

Question: Every writer has a motive behind writing a book. So what was your motive behind writing this book?

Answer: Just wanted people to be entertained, I guess. There was never really philosophical motive. There are books that I write that I just want the reader to enjoy and have fun than to ponder and hurt their head. I think there are a lot of books which screws with your brain, mine does as well but in a fun way.

Question: How did you manage to devote time to writing along with other works?
Answer: I have these long breaks from college when I get free. Though Karma was written post-classes.

Question: Tell us about your struggles with the publishers.

Answer: I had good publishers. They were cribbing about distribution but otherwise, they are chill. Now I’m a publisher so I can do whatever I like with my book.

Question: What were the marketing strategies that you applied to promote your book?
Answer: Loads of contests, a bunch of reviews, interviews and target advertising as a start. I want to write a lot of InstaReads and spend an equal amount of time at them to the point my magnum opus “MADHU” is released. I want a huge audience for “MADHU” and it’ll be only created organically.

Question: Which other literary projects are you working on presently?
Answer: I have Mara that’s coming out by Half Baked Beans. I have Madhu, an erotic thriller. I had written romance though that didn’t work out. I’ll be writing an interesting InstaRead and that might come out in a month or two as well.

Question: Who is your favourite author and why?
Answer: Keigo Higashino. He makes plotting effortless and flawless. He puts these simple clues in his book and in the end, they all make sense. I wish to do that someday.

Question: What advice or message would you like to give to your aspiring writers?
Answer: Read a lot. And don’t just read Indian fiction. Read Carr, read the classics, Shakespeare, Hemingway. And don’t just read fiction, read about history, about world history and about the Industrial Revolution or the Spanish Civil War. Read poetries by Pablo Neruda or learn about the terms like magical realism from Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Of all the things that can make you a good writer, nothing can beat an inspiration from a good book.

First of all, I would like to offer a huge vote of thanks to Mr. Kevin Missal for taking out time from his busy schedule for the interview. It was a great interview session with him. We wish him luck for his book and congratulate him for giving a huge contribution in the field of Indian Literature.

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