White Smoke

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“They may not have suffered a lot if your law would have done its work in the right manner, but there, in this case, it was the girl who suffered, who became the victim. That one incident changed her whole life, shattered it into pieces just because she was at fault of loving a person who was a crook.”

White Smoke by Nikhil Mahajan is a romantic crime thriller bound with suspense. The book is a dedication to the girl who narrated the author the book’s story in his dream. Indians always have entire faith in their government. We believe that every criminal is punished by the government officials. What if the same government is bribed and refuses to support justice anymore? The book describes the present state of India where criminals roam freely due to their rich background and the girls ultimately become the victims of treachery.

Virat studies in a renowned boarding school in Shimla. But behind the façade of a happy teenager is a disturbed child trying to fight the pain of his mother’s death and his father’s ignorance. Neither love nor friends seem to be of any help. That’s when he finds a picture in a library book, which changes his life forever.

In trying to find the truth behind the girl in the picture, he stumbles upon dirty secrets and a scandal that shocks him.

Meanwhile in Delhi, a CID officer and Police Inspector Mathur are trying to unravel the mystery behind the gruesome murders of two influential families that seem to be connected to the mysterious girl in the picture.

Will Virat be able to find the mysterious girl or lose himself on the way?

Discover the chilling reality of life, friendship, love and deceit behind the curtain of White Smoke.


White Smoke revolves around two main characters- Virat and Mahi. The story begins with a brief narration of the sweet bitter journey of love and breaks up in which the reader also gets the hint about the unfortunate past of Virat. Virat’s story is followed by Arjun and Mahi’s rough encounter. As the plot proceeds, it keeps on opening new chains of suspense related to murders. Mathur, Arjun and Mahi and Virat’s story are narrated in a simultaneous order that builds up the reader’s curiosity to know the next phase. At one part of the story, Virat falls in love with a girl in a picture and on the other hand Mahi and Arjun fall in love with each other. By and by, the reader starts suspecting every character of the story and gets to know the real faces of all the main characters of the book. The book is open ended and leaves the reader into figuring out the remaining part of the story all by herself. There are several questions that arise in the reader’s mind while she goes through the book, which may be considered as a few loopholes also. The first thing that crossed my mind was Eshaan’s character. “Under the gray cloud that was her life, there came a silver lining- Eshaan, who had been an admirer of Mahi and knew she was right. He was now her friend too, so he jumped after her into the pool in order to rescue her.” According to the above quote, Eshaan was not an evil person and was guilty of supporting his friend Arjun for seeking revenge with Mahi. He was the one who saved Mahi from death’s trap. He even befriended his best friend Arjun for the sake of Mahi. Then why did Mahi held revenge for him when she herself witnessed his guilt? Why was he included in the murder revenge of Mahi? The second thing that bothered me was related to Virat and Mahi’s meet. Mahi narrates her life’s story to Virat trusting him and he seeks revenge by killing the culprits and their family members. At the end, it is revealed that Mahi was dead long back then how did Virat come to know about her so deeply and who was the person who narrated him the entire story? This remained a huge suspense. The language was simple and heavily loaded with interesting dialogues. The narrative style was very informal and thrilling. The story was third person narrative. The characterization could have been better. The cover of the book is very catchy. The title befits the story and the theme. The story was outstanding. Overall, this book is a package of suspense and thrill that is sure to give its readers goosebumps. I, therefore, recommend this book to every reader as I’m sure the book won’t disappoint anyone.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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