A day before the examination

How will you react if you’re just left with a day to study before the examination? Will you fluster the entire day or will you simply decide to make the best use of the remaining day? Most of the students are petrified of the word “examinations.” Whether a student is well-prepared or not, the “exam terror” keeps striking the student’s mind and makes the student loose most of the data from the memory of his or her cerebrum and ultimately end up screwing the examination paper.

There was a time when I too was anxious about the term “examination.” I have always been too lazy to study. I’m one of those students who prepare for the examination just a day before it would be conducted. As a result, I would mess up my paper totally and weep for being too sluggish. As I grew older I realized that it’s important for me to utilize my time in the most beneficial way. I became a devoted student and initiated cramming my lessons day and night and made sure that each and every topic is revised at least thrice before the examinations. I thought that excessive studies would enhance my knowledge and hence bequeath me with a better score. I paid attention to every minute details of my notes and grasped as much as my brain could retain, a day before the examinations.

Even after years of intense struggle, my result would highlight the same count as before. I was regarded as an average student by my instructors. I noticed most of the students confronting the similar situation like mine. Most of the students flip pages continuously, yet fail to score well. Despite my mediocre accomplishments I never lost faith in myself. One day I decided to figure out the omitted elements within me that were forbidding me to score well.

My years of potent exploration made me realize that bookworms are similar to average students as they only stuff words inside their heads instead of genuine knowledge. Though this thought struck my mind in the eleventh-hour, it attested to be very fruitful in my living. Examinations that once appeared to be the worst nightmares seemed to cease its peril effects from my heart eternally. Things that once were too complicated to be understood became trouble-free.

I adopted a technique of making studies fascinating. I would pay total attention during lectures in class and would take note of each and every word like a story. I revived my habit of studying just the day before the examination. I would simply recall the lessons taught in the previous classes and try to connect each and every topic to create self-notes without referring the complicated terms. I would spend the entire day just making the notes in a very simplified form. Just three hours before the examination I would revise my notes and if I fail to understand any topic I would study the topic from Youtube because visual learning has a major influence on my mind. This technique would drastically produce a great result.

Today my phobia of examinations has almost vanished away from my life. Hence, examinations are always productive. It’s the way we perceive and work towards its preparations that make us identified and bears prolific outcomes.

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