Featured interview: Kalpana Singh

Social service is not entirely dependent on your financial status. Strong will power and the ability to work independently as well as in a team play major roles in the growth of an NGO. In India, there are more than thousands of NGOs currently and out of these approximately 70% work for funds provided by the government or for fame. Mrs Kalpana Singh is one exceptional social worker who has strived several years to build an NGO that can become a shelter to the needy.

Presently dwelling in Kashipur (Uttrakhand), she has been serving the poor and weaker sections in many different ways. She started as an independent person but with the passing years, she inspired more human beings and finally formed a team of strong social service enthusiasts. Her profile and previous works motivated us so much that we decided to conduct her interview and here it goes:

Interview Session with Kalpana Singh

Question: When did the thought of becoming a social worker first struck your mind?
Answer: The thought of becoming a social worker first struck my mind when I was living in Chandigarh nine years back. I wanted to spread happiness.

Question: What were your key motives behind opening the NGO ‘Kalpana’s Welfare Society?’
Answer: There are many people around us like women, children, senior citizens, poor, etc, who always need someone’s shoulder for support and I wanted to do all that I could to eradicate the grieve from their faces. Being a woman from a middle-class family, I knew it wouldn’t be possible to remove all their problems instantly but also knew that my little efforts can prove worthwhile to them.

Question: What challenges did you face to become the district level president of Udham Singh Nagar district?
Answer: As we all know it well that there is always a price one has to pay for being good. So did I but that price was nothing as compared to the joy after helping someone. I often got threats from powerful people to stop my services or protests against them but I didn’t lose hope and never stepped back. Due to my determination and voice against injustice, I always won the battle. By and by, my work got recognition and I received this responsibility today.

Question: According to you what is the real definition of ‘social service?’
Helping someone who is in need and standing against injustice is the way I define ‘social service.’

Question: What was your reaction when you were appointed as the district level president of Udham Singh Nagar district?
Answer: I felt powerful and I decided to utilize this power in the most appropriable. Through this power, I could help the nation in a better way.

Question: What are your future plans for this NGO?
Answer: I believe that a strong team can fight any evil and so my future plans are to motivate more people to join our team and spread our goals not only at a state level but at a national level.

Question: What message would you like to give to the aspiring social workers?
You don’t need a high account balance to serve the nation. We require courage, dedication and enthusiasm to attain our goals. People must speak for themselves and till the time they won’t stand up for themselves or respect themselves, they cannot do anything for others.

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