Dharmayoddha Kalki

“Strength in a person doesn’t define a hero. But where he uses his strength is what matters the most. A hero isn’t born. He’s made. Through people, through journeys and most of all, through tragedy.”

Every Yug or era consists of two entities; Dharm and Adharm. Dharm is considered to be the good one and Adharm to be the evil one. In the war of Dharm and Adharm it’s always the Dharm that triumphs. Dharmyoddha Kalki features Kalki Hari, the son of Vishnuyath and Sumati, who was born as an avatar of Vishnu to eradicate evilness from the foul world. This is the first part of Kalki trilogy which has been written by Kevin Missal and is dedicated to all the writers who have inspired the author. It is not a historical or modern adaptation of Kalki Puran but entirely a piece of fictional work that will take the reader to the fantasy world of Shambala, that was a village situated in Indragarh. The book is divided into two parts, (i) The Battle Of Shambala and (ii) The Rise Of Kali. The first part of the book describes Kalki’s life in which he struggles to save the lives of his dear ones from Kali and his sister Durukuti unfortunately losing them one by one. While he manages to survive the battle he realizes his genuine powers and identity. The second part reveals the real Adharm (evil character) of the book and how Kalki challenges him only to make situations worse for himself. The story ended on a pessimistic note of suspense which made me urge for more content. Honestly speaking this is the first mythology I’ve read and it indeed develops my love for mythology. Before reading the book I was obviously terrified by its size and wasn’t sure whether I’ll be able to even complete it or not but it was worth my attention. Firstly the cover of the book is appealing enough to make anyone pick up this book without thinking twice. There are many books that are thick and have lots of pages which make a reader doze off to sleep. But this book is a complete page turner. Each and every page justified its reason of being the part of this book. The story is very addictive. The author has done justice to all the characters. He has described each and every character perfectly.

For example:
“Kalki had learnt about his powers when he was nine years old and he was able to grab a poisonous snake and squeeze it hard till it choked to death. He had learnt he wasn’t like other boys.”

Kalki stands out as a very bold heroic character throughout the story. Out of all the characters he has been my favourite one. The cover of the book justifies the theme of the book and gives a mythological feel. The author has very well showcased the historical setting of Shambala. It was very easy to visualize the events while reading as if they took place before my sight. The way he has presented the story makes the book an addictive piece of mythological literature. Overall, it was a very commendable, inspirational and blockbuster read. I highly recommend this book to all those who have a keen interest in reading mytho-fantasy thrillers as it is a perfect balance of all the three elements.

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