Manjit Sargam Chawla

“The positive attitude attracts miracles into your Life. Sometimes the circumstances are worst and you are not able to do anything for the same. But with the positive attitude, you can change bad circumstances into Miracles.”

-Manjit Sargam Chawla

In the field of Literature, there are many Indian authors who are soaring high towards success. I’m glad to say that I’ve got the opportunity to interview one such exceptional author who has already made a huge imprint on every reader’s soul with his literary masterpiece. Miss Manjit Sargam Chawla, the author of ‘The Mystic Of Twin Flame Of Relationship,‘ is professionally a manager in a national bank but passionately a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, writer and a freelance blogger. She loves
to serve humanity and is very spiritual.

Interview session with Manjit Sargam Chawla

Question: What inspired you to write the book ‘The Mystic Of Twin Flame Relationship?’

Answer: My own Spiritual journey is the key factor behind this book and also I researched on this topic from the year 2009. Read lots of books and blogs, listen to Youtube Videos and then correlate it with people and their experiences and also learned a lot from my personal experiences.

Question: How can a person communicate with her twin flame?
Answer: To communicate with your twin flame, when you are far apart and there are so many barriers like family, or your own ego, your circumstances or maybe the other twin doesn’t want to converse with you, then you can use the power of Universe by using Psychic powers like Telepathy, Dream Sharing, Astral projection. All these things are above the 3 dimensions, it’s the state of 5D where we can send messages and what we are feeling about our beloved.

Question: ‘Divine love is unconditional love.’ Justify this quote of your book.
Answer: Divine Love is in Hindi terms “Ishq Haqiqi” like In Divine Love the Person Love to Divine Powers we can say, God, by surrendering Totally. In Divine love there is no such thing of receiving, it’s only giving. When a soul loves another soul without having expectations and desires. The soul’s main purpose is to serve the another soul. Divine love only wants the happiness of the other soul. That’s why It is also called unconditional Love.

Question: Any writing tips that you would like to give to the aspiring freelance bloggers?
Answer: Well, Freelance Bloggers are really doing well, but I have seen some Freelancer Bloggers write Part time and then leave writing. Learning, reading and writing all are a continuous process and never give up. Learn to write Proposals and expect to write them on regular basis, whether it may be query letters, reviews or just a blog. Keep Writing.

Question: What role does ‘positive attitude’ play in a human being’s life?
Answer: My First book “The Dream Manifester” was on Law of Attraction and positivity. The positive attitude attracts miracles into your Life. Sometimes the circumstances are worst and you are not able to do anything for the same but with the positive attitude, you can change bad circumstances into Miracles. As I did last year 8th July 2016, I had an accident in which my right elbow has been crushed into 6 pieces. Doctors referred me to PGI Immediately. We went to Fortis for surgery. It was the time when Doctors literally said that we will do the surgery but you will not able to even eat food from your hand and also ulna nerve has been damaged so will not able to write. Yes, it was a shocking news for me but I took it positively as in sedations I start typing from my left hand and the product comes out of it is the book “The Mystic of Twin Flame.” And due to positive attitude after one year doctors are really happy with the 90 % recovery of my hand, only due to Positive Attitude.

Question: What makes your book unique from the other books of the same genre?
Answer: The very first thing is that this book is not a story. It contains the facts and experiences. Secondly, the book is of Pure Love but connected to Spirituality and self-growth which makes it different from other books.

Question: Where do you see yourself standing after Ten years?
Answer: Well, don’t know whether I will live for 10 years or not, but if even a single person can change and help themselves to come out of negativity and pain, then my writing will be a worth. And if still alive, after 10 years, I want to be in the hearts of people, who benefitted their lives from my books, I want to be in the hearts of people who help themselves to come out from their pains after reading the book, I want to be in the souls of the people who will be on the spiritual awakening path.

Question: How did you feel when you held the first copy of your book?
Answer: Sometimes you don’t have words to express your Gratitude towards Almighty. So it brought tears to my eyes. Maybe because when I wrote the book I was in severe Pain, but I prayed to Almighty for its accomplishment.

Question: What message does your book carry for its readers?
Answer: The message behind the book is that when a person loves someone so deeply like Radha Krishna, Shiva Parvati, there may be separation, there may be break ups. But don’t give up. Some souls come into our lives to awaken us and to take us to ascension. They teach us Patience, Self Worth, Forgiveness and Letting Go. So Learn from Relationships. No one ever comes to your life as a coincidence. They come to teach you and you will definitely learn from your Life journey.

Question: What advice would you like to give to the aspiring writers?
Answer: To the Aspiring Writers, I just want to say that “Write with your Heart and Soul”. When we write with our heart it directly strikes the other’s, heart.

I would like to offer a huge vote of thanks to Miss Manjit Sargam Chawla for taking out time from her busy schedule for the interview. It was a great interview session as the answers given by the author were interesting as well as inspiring. I congratulate her for her book and also wish her luck for her future.

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