Supercop of Aryavrat

“Shocked at the killing of his closest confidante by a two-year-old child, Kansa was now sure that Krishna was the boy and hence he must kill him by all means.”

‘Kansa’ and ‘Krishna’, I am sure most of us must have heard these names and just with above quote it is easy to guess what this book talks about. It is the tale of Shri Krishna. Now, a reader would wonder what is different about this book as there are many mythologies that have already revealed the historical background of ‘Krishna’s’ life?

In this era, we might have come across many mythologies showcasing His life but Mithilesh Kumar has penned down this book according to what today’s era would love to read. Without altering any facts or shuffling events, he has portrayed Krishna’s life in a way that it makes us feel He was born in the 21st century itself. Whether it’s the dialogues or the narrative part, the author has used a perfect amalgamation of modern literature and history.

‘Supercop of Aryavrat’, the title would suggest a crime thriller but the moment the reader’s eyes would witness the cover of the book, he or she would easily guess the book has a strong connection with the history. After reading the blurb I understood it was Shri Krishna’s story. The first chapter of the book was basically a summary of the entire story of the book. Some readers might like this summary as it would make the book more interesting to be read while others might feel it’s killing the suspense. The actual plot starts from the second chapter gradually opening the series of events that lead to the birth of Shri Krishna with several motives.

If I look with the point of view of Literature, it is a mythology, but if I look from a reader’s perspective, it is a perfect thriller. People from all age group would love to read this book as it’s dialogues and narrative style would keep you hooked up until you reach the final page of the book. Despite knowing the plot in advance, this book will surely make you curious about knowing what would happen next.

The language of the book is a bit complex but the book has been penned down flawlessly. The characters have been portrayed perfectly and the dialogues sound so real and will make you feel as if the characters are right in front of you or have a strong connection with you.

The character ‘Krishna’ does stand out as an inspiration to all the readers and people who worship Him. Hence, I would suggest all the readers, especially the ‘Kanhaiya’ fans to give this book a read as I am sure this will build your interest in mythologies. Eagerly waiting for more books from Mithilesh Kumar in future.

My rating- 4.5/5

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