Why Cheat India

Genre: Crime, Education, Thriller

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Shreya Dhanwanthary

Director: Soumik Sen

Why Cheat India, starring Emraan Hashmi in the lead role, is another nail-biting thriller of Emraan that leaves one stuck to the seat until the movie ends. It majorly highlights the theme of ‘corruption’ and ‘scam’ in entrance exams in diverse regions of our country.


The story revolves around a scammer who hires an ambitious engineering student to solve papers in place of other students and earn extra income for himself and his family. Due to the financial pressure and several responsibilities on the shoulder, he accepts the offer. The cheating gives him pleasure at the initial stage but with the ticking of the clock all the tables turn upside down and he finds himself into an unending difficulty. On the other hand, several hurdles await Rocky as well.


The film started on a pessimistic note in which the middle-class life of an aspiring engineering student, Sattu, was well portrayed. The angle of a middle-class life and problems faced by them was deeply highlighted that made the movie appear more realistic. Also, the student life and pressure faced by them was highlighted. The dialogues of the film were very natural as it was a perfect blend of romance, comedy and grief. Emraan, being the lead spoke out all the powerful dialogues confidently. His acting just nailed the movie. The suspense was well-maintained throughout the movie. The amalgamation of romance with seriousness made it addictive. However, the title of the movie wasn’t well explained as Emraan still continues to cheat his country and according to the title it wasn’t much connected to the major theme of the film. The subtitle was better than the title and was sufficient to reveal the entire plot of the film. Music was well-composed but there was nothing extraordinary in them. Overall, it was an above average thriller and a one-time watch film.

Rating: 3/5

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