Movie review: War

Director- Siddharth Anand

Genre- Action, thriller

Loyalty towards nation is something that we barely perceive nowadays. But the film ‘War’ takes us to the flashback where people would struggle to safeguard the Indians even though it demanded sacrifice.

‘War’ highlights the story of Kabir, who is one of the best agents of India. He forms and guides a team to track a terrorist who has always escaped from their clutches in the past. Though all team members were equal to him, Kabir shared a very special bond with Khalid Khan due to his loyalty and dedication. All things were in his favour until he caught Saurabh betraying the team and leaking information to their enemies. Meanwhile, Khalid is ordered to kill Kabir for betraying the team. Why did Kabir kill his own team member? Is he the real ‘Gaddar’ or is there someone else who is still hidden?

The story initiates on a very vibrant tone in which we can see setup of agency. The story takes a major twist when the audience witness Kabir shooting his own teammate instead of the rival. The story runs in a non-linear format and slides between present and past. The ‘War’ title is very apt to the theme and setting of the entire film. The story has been well-devised keeping in mind each and every minute aspect. But, a simple plot was stretched too much with long action scenes every now and then. This movie is a perfect amalgamation of crime, action, suspense and a little bit of romance. The scenes were well shot and everything including the characters, settings, costumes, music, etc were quite appealing. The only negative points in the film were- too many action scenes that stretched the plot and weak dialogues. The pair of Tiger Shorff and Hrithik Roshan is one of the best Bollywood jodis and makes the film worthy. Overall, it is a must watch action thriller that is perfect to watch only once.

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