5 Amazing ways to celebrate Dussehra 2019

The sight of ‘burning Raavan’ pleases every Indian on Dussehra as it marks the end of evilness. The ritual not only promotes victory of ‘goodness over evilness’ but also reminds us of Lord Ram, who killed Raavan and rescued his wife ‘Sita’ from his captivity.

Every year we celebrate Dussehra by in our own way, but how to make it different this year? The following are a few ways to celebrate Dussehra in 2019:

  • Social media story campaign

As we all know, social media is a platform in which every activity spread like fire. So, why not make the best use of social media this Dussehra? You can host an event on your social media sites where you can request people to share their real life stories that has a strong connection with how they fought against any evil person or evil incident.

  • Special selfie collage

Are you someone who is fond of clicking selfies and sharing them publicly? If yes, this activity will be the best for you on Dussehra. All you have to do is to dress up like any character of Ramayana and click selfies. You can make it more interesting by inviting your friends to do the same and posting it altogether in the form of a collage.

  • Watching Ramlila

Ramlila is a play hosted in diverse regions of India every year during Dussehra. In this event, dummies of Meghnath, Kumbhkaran and Raavan are burnt while a few people perform the small skit based on Ramayana.

  • Rabdi jalebi party

Rabdi-jalebi combination is something that one just cannot afford to miss on Dussehra. To make this meal more interesting and memorable, a person can invite his or her friends and watch Ramayana together either on television or open ground.

  • Spread the message

The real motive behind celebrating Dussehra is to remind people that there is always an end to evilness no matter in which form it is. The best way to celebrate Dussehra is by spreading the same message on social media with hashtags and amazing pictures.

Are you excited to celebrate Dussehra this year? What is your plan for Dussehra 2019? Please share your views below in the comment box and follow my website for more posts.  

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