Book Review: Live, Love and Laugh

“Expect it, believe it and trust that it will come, our doubts are traitors, make us lose the good, we oft might win.”

A human being’s life is usually filled with surprises, emotions, love, friendship, worries, ups and downs, hurdles, etc. It is the way a person perceives the situations and find relevant solutions to these challenges that makes him love or hate his or her life.

It is obvious that we cannot always get joyful moments in our lives. There are times when we have to accept our fate and learn to deal with them positively instead of cribbing over things that cannot be undone or that might worsen the situation further. ‘Live, Love and Laugh‘ by Manjit Sargam Chawla (inspired by Yogi Amrit Raj) is a self-help book that guides a person on how to overcome problems positively and gain happiness successfully.

The book comprises of 13 chapters-:

  1. Art of Living: Basics of Manifestation
  2. Burning Desire
  3. Visualization
  4. The Belief System
  5. Magic of Gratitude
  6. Power of Forgiveness
  7. Strength of Love
  8. Miracles in Relationships
  9. Manifesting the Abundance of Health
  10. Becoming a Money Magnet
  11. How Do Affirmations Work in Manifestations
  12. Ho’oponopono Technique
  13. Path to Inner Peace and Contentment: A Yogic Perspective

I believe that a self-help book shouldn’t be only about the definitions and content elaborating it further. It should also include real-life examples supported with numerous quotes. This is what I loved about this book. Every chapter initiated with a quote from different authors, followed by certain texts explaining the chapter, strongly supported by examples and sub-heads. It gives the reader various tips and examples of the same. I would have talked about all the chapters in detail but that would have killed the suspense and fun of the entire book.

After reading the book I felt that this book was something I badly needed as I was also at a stage where situations just seemed to be going against my favour. This book offers positive vibes and inspires a person. Out of all the chapters, my favourite one was ‘Burning Desire’ as this chapter very well described on how to let our desires flow openly and endlessly, and steps to turn them real.

The most creative part of the book was the name of the chapters. I noticed that each and every chapter’s name was supported with an adjective. For example, ‘Magic of Gratitude,’ ‘Power of Forgiveness,’ etc, hence making the chapters more powerful and attractive enough to grab any reader’s attention.

Overall, the book is something that I am sure most of us would love to read and the words are inspiring enough to remain in our memories for a long period of time.

Rating- 5/5

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