Book review: Walks through life

Many of us have a habit of reading fictional stories and sometimes this habit does become an addiction when the stories are too fascinating. But, there are still a few who prefer short stories over lengthy novels describing a particular plot and hence this book comes under the category of short stories.

‘Walks Through Life’ is a collection of 9 short stories with mixed genres. The following are the titles of the stories:

  1. The Hidden Kingship
  2. Divine Ax
  3. Blessing Of A Curse
  4. A Letter From The Well
  5. Beyond The Bar Of Humanity
  6. Rise Of Motherhood
  7. Two Misjudgments
  8. King Of All
  9. A Gold Message

As a reader, I found the title of the book as well as the stories very creative. The author has taken a lot of efforts in crafting each and every title and it is clearly visible above. I personally loved the titles, especially ‘Blessing Of A Curse.’ Now, talking about the cover, the book is full of mazes each leading to different stories. The best part of the cover was that there were very tiny snippets describing some of the stories in the book.

Proceeding towards its plot, the stories were catchy. I liked the way the author has used different genres in each and every story, offering the reader to savour each and every flavour of the book. Out of all the stories my favourite one was the ‘Rise of Motherhood.’ The author has done justice with the characterization and the time lap between the starting and ending of all the stories were perfect. However, the language of the book is a bit complex. The author has used literary elements really well and has written the plot with maximum narration and very few dialogues. The inclusion of 10% more dialogues would have made the stories more interesting.

When I read the first story I was not able to comprehend it in the first read. I read it again and then I felt connected. As I proceeded towards the next chapter, I found the narration great and same with the rest of the stories. Only the first story was a bit tricky to understand. The following are two examples of how the author has used his creativity to portray the narration:

‘Santeyi walked with nervous strides as he was in need of something special that would turn his life around.’

‘For a moment, Raha could not distinguish the hermit from the fire since they both emanated a similar degree of resplendence.’

Overall, the stories were interesting and promising but I would recommend the author not to use too many literary elements in all the lines to make the stories interesting for readers of all categories.


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