Micro Tale: Full Moon

The news of mysterious suicidal cases on full moon night days went viral rapidly. Every nook and corner of Delhi was shook by this horrific information. In the past few months many unknown faces have committed suicide at various locations in Delhi. The causes were not clear and there were no signs of murder in any of the cases.

Priya gazed outside the window and smiled at the dusky evening that was about to fade with the entry of the full moon. She took out her cell phone and dialed her husband’s number.

“Honey, I am waiting for you. The cake is ready. Come soon. It is our first marriage anniversary,” she pleaded.

“I’ll be there in five minutes,” replied Priya’s husband.

After keeping her phone aside, she glanced again at the sky. She saw the full moon appearing in the sky slowly and slowly.

After a few minutes Priya’s husband knocked at the door. When Priya didn’t reply after several knocks, he called the manager and opened the door with its duplicate key.

To his horror, he saw Priya’s corpse lying on the floor. Blood was oozing out of her left hand. It was clear that she had cut her vein.

Was Priya the victim this time?

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