Book Review: Blahman and the Attack of the Wicked Zombies

Blahman and The Attack Of  The Wicked Zombies by [Srijan Kabra]

Before I review this book I would like to tell everyone that the author is very young and after reading the book it’ll be hard to believe it’s written by a young author.

This book took me to my childhood days in which I used to watch several superhero cartoons and admire them. The cover and title of the book portrays it clearly that the book is sure to entertain us till the end. The language of the book is simple. The plot was interesting and funny. I loved the super power element used in the book that hence offers me something different to read.

After opening the first page I couldn’t stop myself from finishing this book in a go. The illustrations in the book make it more interesting.

Hats off to the author for penning down such a masterpiece. This is kind of a book that would not only please the kids but also other generations. I would recommend this book to all the readers and wish to read more books of the author in future.

Rating: 5/5

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