Movie Review: Pagalpanti

I usually avoid watching comedy films nowadays as the execution of the majority of the films lack the natural comical factor in them. They portray dull jokes that expect one to laugh forcibly. After a long gap I chose this film as the trailer was quite entertaining and I can trust Arshad Warsi’s comedy.

‘Pagalpanti’ directed by Anees Bazmee is an action comedy film that highlights John Abraham, Arhsad Warsi and Pulkit Samrat playing the lead roles. The film narrates the story of a man who was considered ‘unlucky’ for any person or venture. Wherever he would work or stay would destroy anyone’s business or life. That guy is Raj Kishore. Nevertheless, he was accompanied in this journey by two friends- Junky and Chandu. The three of them unintentionally fall in traps of various coincidences and end of creating a huge mess. They fall in love with three girls but will their love make their lives fortunate.

The story was very entertaining from the start to the end. While watching the movie I could relate it to ‘Housefull’ part 1 in which Akshay Kumar was stuck into different situations due to his bad luck. But the plot was a bit different. The major attractions of the entire film were Arshad Warsi, Saurabh Shukla and Anil Kapoor. John acted well but it could have been better as I expected a lot from him after watching his films’ Welcome Back’ and ‘Housefull 2.’ The music album was above average as most of the songs were remix of the originals, eg- Tera Bimaar Mera Dil and Hum Toh Tumpe Atke.

The film did succeed in making me laugh my heart out throughout the film. I personally feel that the casting for feminine roles could have been better, especially for Urvashi’s role as I felt there was a bit of overacting from her end as the role did not suit her. The best song in the entire film was ‘Tera Bimaar Mera Dil’ in which Urvashi played the role of a ghost raising goosebumps.

Overall, Pagalpanti was an above average comedy film that can be watched again and again.


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