Author Interview: Bobby Sachdeva

The taboos around us and the superstitions that we Indians are living with in the 21st century gave me the idea to spread my worries through this book.

-Bobby Sachdeva

In the field of Literature, there are many Indian authors who are soaring high towards success. I’m glad to say that I’ve got the opportunity to interview one such exceptional author who has already made a huge imprint on every reader’s soul with his book. Mr Bobby Sachdeva, the author of ‘Stories of Us,’ is a businessman who writes stories to highlight the problems with norms and standards in our society and the ways to resolve them.

Interview session with Bobby Sachdeva

Question: When did the thought of writing a book first strike your mind?

Answer: I am deeply affected by the social issues and the taboos surrounding us. Initially, I had penned down my thoughts in the form of short stories. The content was quite rich and one of my friends suggested to convert it into a book.

Question: Describe your journey from a ‘writer’ to an ‘author’.

Answer: The first-ever publisher whom I proposed my novel to, despite liking the content rejected it because of average English. They suggested me to hire a ghost-writer to write my book. I never wanted that to happen as in that case the main ‘desi’ essence of the book would have been diluted.
It was Pan McMillan, my current publisher who said that language didn’t matter much, cause and content does.

Question: What inspired you to write the book?

Answer: The shams and issues of our society inspired me to write this book. The taboos around us and the superstitions that we Indians are living with in the 21st century gave me the idea to spread my worries through this book.
To raise a question about the social ills of our society, and to make readers aware of the wrong-doings around us, I have ended each story with a question which I believe will make the reader ponder over the issues which we generally ignore in our day to day routine.

Question: What makes your book different from other books falling under the same category?

Answer: I am not an avid book reader. So, I don’t have much idea about other authors or their genre. These are my heart felt issues.

Question: What was your reaction when you held the first copy of this book in your hand?

Answer: For that moment I would say ’emotions cannot be expressed in words.’ The pure joy at that moment cannot be explained.

Question: Who is your role model and why?

Answer: Javed Akhtar sir, who has always inspired me through his simple and honest poetry and easily relatable lyrics.
Amir khan sir, who raised the issues of the society through Satyamev Jayate.
I am fortunate enough to meet and be appreciated my role models too.

Question: Do you believe in miracles? Please share an incident in your life that makes you feel so?

Answer: I only believe in hard work.

Question: What are your other hobbies besides writing?

Answer: Music and badminton

Question: When are you planning to launch your next book?

Answer: May 2020, it’s a semi-autobiography.

Question: What message would you like to give to the aspiring writers?

Answer: Just write your heart out and stick to what you believe. Don’t let your mind get affected by what others think of you. Your pen should be a vision to your own thoughts, not others.

Question: What are your views about our website ‘Dimple Bloom?’

Answer: First, I would like to thank the website ‘Dimple Bloom’ for giving me this opportunity to connect to my readers.
I wish best of luck to you and your readers for every step of your lives.
You are giving us writers a platform to express ourselves and that deserves a big applause.

I would like to offer a huge vote of thanks to Mr Bobby Sachdeva for taking out time from his busy schedule for the interview. It was a great interview session as the answers given by the author were interesting as well as inspiring. I congratulate him for his book and also wish him luck for his future.

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