Book Review: Stories Of Us

In our daily lives we often come across several issues that we either neglect or forget in the daily hustle and bustle of our lives. If we ever sit in silence for an hour we would realize that there are so many things that actually need our attention but we ignore them to avoid any sort of trouble or unnecessary interference. Does that make us an irresponsible citizen?

‘Stories Of Us’ by Bobby Sachdeva is a collection of short stories based on the social issues that we face regularly. The blurb of the book itself suggests the same and will make us think twice on the status of our society. I won’t talk about the stories in detail as it would kill the suspense of the book. Every story in this book will portray its own value in the form of a unique plot which ends with a question. The best part of the stories are that none of the plots have been repeated or spun to create a different tale. Also, there are images before every story just to narrate creatively the theme of the story. For example, in the story ‘Sharpshooter’ there is an image of a guy and a knife passes through its head with blood oozing out badly.

The language of the book is simple and attractive. The plots have been narrated in a very interesting manner and I just wouldn’t leave any story left unread. Now, talking about the title ‘Stories Of Us’ it has a very deep meaning and portrays that the story is about all the human beings. The presentation style was flawless. The book contains every element that a reader would enjoy while reading all the stories.

Overall, it was a very thoughtful and interesting read which is recommended for readers of all age groups.


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