Book Review: Until The Music Stops

‘He is not crazy for her. He is just crazy.’

I have come across many books that have a lot of twists and turns offering a wonderful plot but I really love the books that bring a twist that is totally unexpected. ‘Until The Music Stops’ is one such romantic thriller book that will make you flip the pages ‘until the story ends.’

Until The Music Stops by Naimish Srivastava, revolves around three characters- Grace, Amir and Siddharth. Grace was a very simple girl who wanted to lead a simple romantic life with her husband Siddharth, but was not getting was she expected. She had everything in her life- love, money, daughter, family, friends- but she still felt something was missing and always felt unsatisfied.

Her past continues to knock her present life with the entry of Amir, who was her lover since college days but torments her. He starts interfering in Grace’s personal life and makes her feel uncomfortable. When things go beyond limit, Siddharth beats him and warns him of staying away from Grace. Things worsen when Amir decides to chose the evil way to win Grace’s heart and get her back in his life.

By reading the blurb of the book, I found the story quite predictable until I entered the climax. This story gave me goosebumps throughout and made me feel sympathetic for Grace. It was hard to connect with the story in the beginning as there were two many characters, but after I read the second chapter I realized who the major characters are. The book is an amalgamation of romance, suspense, drama, emotions and crime. The quotes in the book would justify the title very well and I won’t reveal it as it would simply kill the suspense. The twist in the book will surely leave your jaws dropped down. The book has been well written with a perfect balance of narration and realistic dialogues. Overall, it was a emotional and suspenseful read.

My rating- 4.5/5

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