Book Review: A Cursed Angel

‘A Cursed Angel’, the title itself reveals the dark reality of our Indian society and how a girl has to struggle in order to secure herself from the wrath of evil minds.

‘A Cursed Angel’ by Vivek Kasi is a short inspirational novella that revolves around a girl named ‘Riya’ (called ‘Kanna’ by close people) who was attempting suicide in the first chapter. The story steps into a flashback describing the miserable life she was leading and how she was being threatened at the cost of proving innocence of her father, who was arrested in a fraud case. To know if she really commits suicide or fight back, you have to read the book.

Now talking about various aspects of the book, the title did justify the story of the book very amazingly. The cover of the book portrays a little girl who is trying to catch a heart-shaped balloon that clearly describes how to difficult it is for a little angel to hold humanity and love. The blurb of the book gives a hint about the theme and story line raising curiosity to know the fate of ‘Riya’.

There were grammatical error at certain stages but if we concentrate just on the story, it was an interesting and inspirational short read. I finished it in a go due to it’s short length and curiosity to finish of the story as soon as possible. I think the narrative part was dragged too much in the first chapter but the pace balances on the other chapters. The dialogue delivery was balanced and original. Overall, it was a wonderful short read.

My rating- 3.5/5

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