Does Honesty Make A Person Trustworthy?

Hello readers,

Today’s guest post has been written by Kalpana Singh, who is the president of NGO ‘Kalpana’s Welfare Society’.

There is a very popular proverb ‘Honesty is the best policy’, but can this best policy define you as a very loyal and trustworthy? Are you ready to trust a person blindly just because he is an honest soul?

Many people feel that a person who is straightforward can never break their trust. There is an assumption that such ‘straightforward’ people will always speak their heart out no matter if it ruins their public image. An honest person is like an ‘open book’ which can be read by anyone and is as clean as it appears.

Many of us forget that trust is based on ‘strong connections’ and not ‘honesty’. Here is an example to justify this statement:

Imagine you are in a relationship with a person who calls himself ‘honest’. You both even get married after a few years but on the night of your marriage he reveals that he cheated on you before marriage. Now anyone would feel that at least he is honest enough to speak out the truth. But are you sure he won’t cheat you again. You anyhow forgive your husband and give him another chance for the sake of his honesty. After 15 days of your marriage you get a call from your husband that he is with the same girl with whom he cheated on you. Now you will again say he is being honest here but can you really trust him?

There is no harm in being dishonest under certain circumstances if you are being loyal to yourself and the people you care for. If you a person is a trustworthy person he or she would never break the hearts of the people who trust them blindly.

So think twice before trusting anyone blindly.

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